Setting up conda, gothchas if jupyter notebook and basic of markdown


We use Conda to manage the Jupyter notebook and Fastai libraries

  • Update conda conda update conda
  • List all the libs installed conda list | grep "fastai"
  • Update fastai conda install -c fastai fastai

Lesson 0 Jupyter Notebooks

Command mode blue :blue_book:
Edit mode green :green_book:

B to create new cell
S to save
m convert cell to mark down in command mode
y convert cell to code mode
A to insert above
b to insert below
c copy
X cut
Z undo

Crtl + shift + - spilt cell at cursor
Shift + enter to run
There is a inbuilt terminal which you can launch from man directory (laggy with tunnelling)

  • Markdown
    • ‘*’ italics
    • ‘**’ bold
    • ‘`’ inline
    • ‘>’ block quote
    • [text](link) hyperlink

link with ‘[]’ and place the link adjacent to the text, surrounded with ‘()’